Mercredi 06 avril 2011

2. Comfortable flight trilogy louis vuitton uk

Cabin hairdressing intraoperative let OL airline ticket become beautiful little trick

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introduction] the majority of have working experience OL could occasionally hit points on internet business situation, plane has become nowadays will be most common travel traffic modes, but in a short airfare trip, there are also many cause you to beauty tips yo!

1. Pure water is most suitable for flight drinkable
 Due to help aircr

<a xhref="" title="louis vuitton uk" target="_blank"><b>louis vuitton uk</b></a>ft flying altitude generally from 6000 meters ~ 9600 meters high temperature environment, between the lets body of a human blood viscosity influenced to develop into slow, blood flow velocity is relatively slow, then choose pure water of ringing in the ears and the health of body is the most advantageous, other sweet drinks will increase blood viscosity, make the body circulation slow, skinEasily dark heavy, appear fatigue. fromnutritionLearn 

<a xhref="" title="louis vuitton uk" target="_blank"><b>louis vuitton uk</b></a>speaking, mineral water the minerals trace elements by body of a human absorptivity 90%, and dietary trace elements on the absorption rate only 30%, at altitude digestive function on the weaker conditions, mineral water is undoubtedly the very best option.

2. Comfortable flight trilogy
 Flying economy class OL may often met to just one pillow, back in your chair two to three hours above will feel lap neck fatigue. This is as a result of head not support, neck minister tilt a result of time. The u-shaped pillow develop into flightbeautyThe necessary li treasure, it may possibly support the head and shoulder neck maintain in comfortable position of cervical have top notch protection effect, many u-shaped pillow inside will in addition incidental electric massage function, can use a small amount features set the sweet atmosphere fat gas tranquilize the nerves.
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